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My favorite Italian film of recent years is I Am Love. It’s a brilliantly sensual, elegant, and stylish film. It is a story of passion and change.

The Recchi family of Milan forms one of Italy’s oldest industrial empires. The family’s time-honored traditions and lives are about to change.

Written and directed by Luca Guadagnino, an Italian film director who has previously worked on promotional advertisements for Fendi. It contrasts the minimalism of the slow-cinema and art-house cinema. There is something about this film. When the camera lingers on small details, it makes you feel every feeling and drink in every sight and sound.

Guadagnino carries on the Italian tradition of creating beauty. Every scene in this film must be suitable for framing.

You can get lost in this stylish world of the Recchi Family, the Streets of Milan, beautiful Milanese countryside, orgasmic cuisine, and sexual uncertainty.

I Am Love also stars Tilda Swinton (Emma Recchi). Emma Recchi was born in Russia, married an Italian, and is in a sensual whirlpool in her amazing outfits. A tall woman with shining blond hair polishes the bowl made of gold. The golden woman polishes the golden bowl.

Emma is a complex woman overtaken by emotional and erotic hunger.


Many scenes and objects in this film are hyper symbolic: stone facades of a Milan deep in the grey of winter, food is a force which binds people, family names, secret lovers for everyone, and the trembling caress of fingers on naked skin.

This affair is not an ordinary one. It is an affair of two people who adore beauty and nature and are not willing to ignore their sincere emotions.

 I Am Love may not be a film for you. You might find its arty qualities pretentious, and you may find its plot melodramatic, but sometimes you have to accept a director’s ambitions and insistent artistry and hang on for the awakening.


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