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Vivid (Part 3)

I could see my silhouette cast upon the stones of the garden grounds. The light had suddenly brightened my surroundings, although it was faint.

I looked around and saw the beauty that I had both imagined and sensed, but could not seem to find my lover. Where could he have gone? I thought.

Suddenly his voice echoed from afar, “Come… come back to me.” I had no choice but to follow. I couldn’t see him, but I knew he would guide me.

Eventually stepping through a high door, I found myself at the entrance of an extravagant ball. I looked down to see that my torn dress had somehow been transformed into a sheer red evening dress. When I looked up, there he was, with his hand extending an invitation. I was so excited to be his date at such a lavish affair.

“As lovely as in my dreams,” he said.

We walked down the steps, which were decorated in African marigolds and jasmine petals.

“Miss Claire, I figured Bal D’Afrique would be an appropriate perfume to infuse the festive air,” he said.

I wondered how he knew my name, but just smiled and replied, “Indeed it is.”

His guests approached us warmly, raving about my beauty and the splendor of the ball. I would blush slightly with each compliment but stood confidently next to my lover. Every once in a while we would steal glances at one another, thinking about the adventure we had gone on and wondered how we could stand before so many people as though we were simply long lost lovers who had known each other for an eternity.

We danced the night away, twirling to the sound of classic tunes, ignoring the rumbling of the ballroom floor.

But, then I woke up.

And realized the rumbling was the jolt of the airplane I was on. I woke up to rows of people around me. “We are now beginning our initial descent down to Paris…” the pilot announced. I was no longer dreaming.

But, when I looked to my right, where he was. My magical lover, sleeping. I just smiled sweetly and prepared for landing.

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