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Seductive (Part 2)

“The powerful connection that two strangers feel mustn’t be questioned, but simply enjoyed,” he said. “Take my hand.”

I followed him from the sandy shore to a cobblestone road. The stilettos of my high heels insisted on nestling in each crevice, but I still matched each of his steps.

“You’re enchanting,” he said. I could hear his smile.

But, darkness was surrounding us, and I didn’t know how he could tell that I was genuinely captivating. When I asked, he replied, “The softness of your voice, the smoothness of your skin, the light floral aroma that radiates from you, how my fingers feel when I run them through your hair. You are magnificent. I can feel your beauty.”

I fantasized about him ravishing me at that moment, but instead, he led me to what I could sense was a garden. A full garden with mature trees, blooming buds, and birds that were humming glorious songs that drifted through the night air.

We went through dense areas where a branch tore a piece of my chiffon dress. It was already a bit short, but the tear exposed more of my skin. When he felt it, he very sweetly bent down to kiss my nakedness, and I could tell he wanted more. But, we were drawn away by an alluring scent.

“What do you think that is?” he asked.

“It must be osmanthus blossom.”

I could tell that scent anywhere. It was like a romantic elixir that sent me into an uncontrollable whirlwind of passion. Floral and fruity with a taste of rich honey, the garden patch that we had stumbled upon was marvelous.

He could feel my excitement. “Your heart is beating swiftly, as it was earlier.”

“Yes,” I whispered. 

 He grabbed me and pulled me close, and we kissed fervently. 


The Kiss, Tate Images

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