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Unknown, Seductive, Vivid – The Three Dreams of Miss C.
These dreams are intimate: a beautiful private dream experience enticing you into the world of Miss C. 


Miss C Dreams

Unknown (Part 1)

A light breeze swept over me.

It carried a faint aroma of wood sage and sea salt, a scent that was all too familiar. As I drifted through the evening air, I could feel splashes of water on my skin and tweeting echoes nearby. I tried to look around, but couldn’t seem to find a source to cast light upon my surroundings.

I wandered slowly, allowing my senses to guide me, feeling the grains of sand between my toes and breathing in the scented air. A mesmerizing melody sailed from one end of the water to the other, playing as the accompaniment of my journey.

A sudden whisper floated towards me, but the words were unknown. Or perhaps it was just in my mind? I followed, anyway.

And, with a few swift steps and a gentle stumble, I managed to end up in the arms of a stranger. Embracing me with care, I slowly melted into his comforting body. The wood sage and sea salt were radiating from his skin.

I pulled back suddenly. “Do I know you?”

 I must, I thought to myself. Where had I encountered this stranger before?

Sand danced in swirls among the wind. Waves crashed wildly behind us, rising to a crescendo. The chatter of different voices was faint, at a distance. I could feel him looking at me, thinking of a response. His approach was kind.

Leaning towards me, his whisper left a smile on my face, as I closed my eyes to absorb his words.

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