You may have noticed the little link to my blog down below while browsing my website (and now it’s up here!). 

It’s exciting to be sharing special stories with you. What’s even better is that I won’t just be posting topics related to the industry. I think you read enough about proper etiquette and tour schedule announcements. I’m going to be focusing on just a bit of my life as a companion, along with posts on my love for the arts, erotic photography, alluring cinematography, and intimate thoughts. You’ll have the opportunity to read about what I like and hopefully discover a mutual interest. It could end up being the perfect date idea for us.

I’ll try my best to post regularly and feel free to comment on a topic that interests you or a photo that you like. I love active readers.


Romantic Hotels in New York (Part 2)Category: General   Oct 5th 2018  11:00AM   0

The Ludlow

Photography by: The Ludlow Hotel

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Romantic Hotels in New York (Part 1)Category: General   Sep 5th 2018  11:09AM   0


Photography by: Baccarat Hotel

The first hospitality project of France's beloved house of fine crystal, designed by French firm Gilles and Boissier.

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Sensual Film: I am Love (Part 2)Category: General   Jul 17th 2017  03:47PM   0

My favorite Italian film of recent years is I Am Love. It’s a brilliantly sensual, elegant, and stylish film. It is a story of passion and change.

The Recchi family of Milan forms one of Italy’s oldest industrial empires. The family’s time-honored traditions and lives are about to change.

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Sensual Film: The Unbearable Lightness Of Being (Part 1)Category: General   Mar 15th 2017  09:19PM   0

Cinematography is full of infamous sensual and erotic moments. All the way from the New Wave film of Godard in the 1960s and right up to the Lars von Trier films in the 2000s. With such a large pool to draw from, I have tried to select some of my very favorite erotic and sensual films to share with you.

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Dreaming In Art (Part 3)Category: General   Jan 5th 2017  11:22AM   0

 Our minds at rest develop into the perfect space to be imaginative. 

The dreams we have, both throughout the night and during the day, are often surreal, representing alternate realities of beauty and mystery. 


We manifest images that we often wish can be captured with the naked eye.

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Mannerism: The Elegance of Renaissance (Part 2)Category: General   Oct 4th 2016  11:25AM   0

The new generation of artists turned away from naturalism, classicism, and logic in the early 1500s. Mannerism was soon born. Mannerism is my favorite style of the Renaissance period because of its unnatural, manipulated and mysterious look. The head, hands, and feet for the Mannerists were considered the carriers of grace, and the clever depiction of each of those parts was evidence of artistic skill. I am obsessed with the shape of hands – gracious with long fingers, slightly unnatu

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Artistic Beauty of the Renaissance (Part 1)Category: General   Sep 5th 2016  12:44PM   0

What is art? How does it relate to the common perception of beauty? Is beauty something to be observed rationally or is it something more complicated than it is often considered? They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, just as art is usually left up to interpretation by its viewer. Beauty is something that we should admire and appreciate whether the object that possesses the beauty belongs to us or someone else. In art, beauty is something particularly special. For centuries it was a

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Vivid (Part 3)Category: General   Jul 5th 2016  02:40PM   0

Vivid (Part 3)

I could see my silhouette cast upon the stones of the garden grounds. The light had suddenly brightened my surroundings, although it was faint.

I looked around and saw the beauty that I had both imagined and sensed, but could not seem to find my lover. Where could he have gone? I thought.

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Seductive (Part 2)Category: General   Jun 7th 2016  02:17PM   0

Seductive (Part 2)

“The powerful connection that two strangers feel mustn’t be questioned, but simply enjoyed,” he said. “Take my hand.”

I followed him from the sandy shore to a cobblestone road. The stilettos of my high heels insisted on nestling in each crevice, but I still matched each of his steps.

“You’re enchanting,” he said. I could hear his smile.

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Unknown (Part 1)Category: General   May 15th 2016  01:33PM   0

Unknown, Seductive, Vivid – The Three Dreams of Miss C.
These dreams are intimate: a beautiful private dream experience enticing you into the world of Miss C. 

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